Tamsin Ley's Suggested Reading Order

Welcome to the enchanting worlds of Tamsin Ley, where love, fantasy, and science intertwine. While each story stands alone, diving into the series in order enhances the experience. Explore the series below, and embark on your next unforgettable journey.

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Mates for Monsters Series


Discover a hidden world of myths and magic, where love shapes destiny. Start with my sleek-tailed mermen in Books 1-3 for a family saga, or dive into standalone novellas with cowboy centaurs and devious djinn Books 4 and 5.

  1. The Merman's Kiss
  2. The Merman's Quest
  3. A Mermaid's Heart
  4. The Centaur's Bride
  5. The Djinn's Desire

Galactic Pirate Brides Series


From fearless warriors to brilliant hackers, follow captivating characters as they navigate love, war, and the mysteries of the universe. Join the rebellion, and uncover love that defies all odds.

  1. Rescued b Qaiyaan
  2. Ransomed by Kashatok
  3. Claimed by Noatak
  4. Taken by the Cyborg
  5. Mated to Mek
  6. Chosen by Chigs (Coming in 2024 - sign up to my mailing list for updates!)

Kirenai Fated Mates (Intergalactic Dating Agency) Series


Experience steamy sci-fi romance like never before! Encounter special alien body parts, cultural misunderstandings, and thrilling abductions in these laugh-out-loud adventures. Get ready to fall in love!

  1. Arazhi
  2. Zhiruto
  3. Iroth
  4. Tazhio
  5. Nazhin
  6. Kiozhi
  7. Izhima

Alaska Alphas Series


Journey to the beautiful landscapes of Alaska, where alpha shifters find love beneath the Northern Lights. Meet elusive mountain lions, alpha wolves, and grumpy seal shifters in these standalone novels.

  1. Untamed Instinct
  2. Bewitched Shifter
  3. Midnight Heat
  4. Wild Child

Standalone Books

  1. Sticks and Stones - Gargoyles are not what you think...